I work full time so I didn’t have a lot of time to do an inclass course, so I decided to find an affordable online course. I was recommended to WTI from a friend who had already taken the course. I took the 120 hour course, to be completed at my own pace which was perfect for me as I was already working full time. The course was surprisingly practical, and we had to complete lesson plan and classroom management assignments. I was given a lesson plan template to complete and a classroom management template to complete. I also was given quizzes to complete for every module. I was so happy about completing the lesson planing assignment because this experience helped me a lot when I started working in Asia as an English teacher, it was such a valuable subject for me. I would highly recommend this course because it really helps you if you are new to the teaching world. The tutor support was great and very responsive. Thank you WTI for all your help.