Hello welcome to WTI. We're so happy you chose us to do your TEFL and TESOL training. Please make sure you read all the content in each module and watch all the videos, because you will be quizzed and asked to do assignments for each module.

We will regularly look through your work to make sure you are doing okay. If I need you to change something I will give you feedback. Then we will mark your work properly at the end of your course. So if you don't hear from me, it means you are doing everything correctly.


Module 1 Essay Writing
Unit 1 Essay Writing w/ Video
Unit 2 Assignment - Essay Writing
Module 2 Grammar for Beginners and Advanced
Unit 1 Teaching grammar to beginners
Unit 2 Quiz - Teaching Nouns
Unit 3 Advanced Grammar
Unit 4 Quiz - Advance Grammar
Unit 5 Quiz - Mixed present tenses
Unit 6 Quiz - 3 rules that every advanced students should learn
Module 3 Reading with phonics
Unit 1 Reading with phonics
Unit 2 Quiz - How to teach English reading to beginners
Unit 3 How to Teach Children to Read Phonetically
Unit 4 Quiz - How to Teach Children to Read Phonetically
Unit 5 Powerful methods for teaching reading
Unit 6 Quiz - Powerful methods for teaching reading
Module 4 Lesson Planning and Classroom Management
Unit 1 Lesson Planning & Classroom Management
Unit 2 Example Lesson Planning
Module 5 Classroom Management
Unit 1 Classroom Management
Unit 2 Assignment - Plan A and Plan B
Unit 3 Quiz - Classroom Management
Module 6 Online Teaching
Unit 1 Online Teaching
Unit 2 Teaching English Online 2
Unit 3 Teaching Phonics Online
Unit 4 Quiz - Teaching English online (TPR)
Unit 5 Quiz - Teaching modeling online
Unit 6 Quiz - Teaching Phonics online
Unit 7 End of Course (request your certificate)